​Death State Paranormal 

What to Expect....


Prior Investigations

Here are some better known locations on top of numerous private residences or cemeteries our members have investigated over the years.   Although we may have been in different groups at one time or another, ALL of this evidence and the evidence on You Tube  was caught by our investigators on their own, personal devices.

Our group has over 35 years of combined experience in paranormal investigation. We have enough experience to know when we can be of help and when we need to refer you to a different team that may have different approaches such as sensitives, mediums, demonologists, etc. We use a scientifically based approach to paranormal investigation in an attempt to find a natural reason for the occurrences, or to provide validation of a haunting.

We will begin an investigation by doing an initial interview of about 45 minutes to and hour to discuss what is happening at the location in question.  It's preferred that a face to face interview be conducted at the location itself. We ask this so we may asses any possible safety hazards in the daylight so we may better prepare for the investigation. Based on this interview we will decide what type of investigation approach is needed.  If it happens that the approach needed is not something we specialize in than we have contacts that we can refer you to.  

Our group will set up a date and time to do the official investigation.  On that date we invite the client to join us, however that is optional.  We do ask that there be as few people at the location as possible during the investigation. If there are too many people not familiar with the way a paranormal investigation is conducted there could a lot of audio contamination which may end up hurting the results for the client. 

There is a release form  we have all clients sign before we go ahead with the investigation.  It basically releases the owner from liability if anyone on the team gets hurt during the investigation.  It also lets us know what information from the investigation we are able to release, and as always tries to reassure the client that we will be on our best behavior. 

The length of an investigation may very depending on the size and type of activity at a location.  It could last anyway from 3 hours to 8 or more.  The length of the investigation is decided between the client and us at the time of the pre-investigation interview.

On investigation night we will arrive, begin to set up our equipment and obtaining base readings of the location. The goal is to get all the setup complete in under an hour. Once all our recorders are synced we will go dark.  During the time of the investigation there could be prolonged periods of silence, questions and answers, the team moving about, and/ or experimenting with new techniques, etc.

Once the investigation is over we will clean up and then the real work begins.  Evidence review can be a long process.  If we have 10 recorders running for 7 hours for example that's 70 hours of evidence review as a baseline. That doesn't count stopping to repeat areas of interest, extracting clips, comparing recordings to one another, etc. 

After the analysis is complete we will present any findings we caught and share our opinion of what we believe to be the cause of the occurrences.  

In most cases there's a natural cause to these situations, and we're happy to put peoples' minds at ease. There are other times when we can't explain what is happening with natural causes.  In those times we can offer validation, (which can be almost a relief to most) and try to point you in a direction towards resolution of a haunting.  

The Steppingstone Museum    Havre De Grace, Maryland

​Eden Mill    Pylesville, Maryland

​Jericho Bridge   Kingsville, Maryland

​Keeners Road   (Ghost Road)  Carroll Island, Marlyand

Bottom Road   Fallston, Maryland 

Underground Room Along Merryman Mill Trail at the Loch Raven Reservoir  Baltimore County, Maryland

The Hanging Sailor of Perryman ( John Clarke Monk ) of St. George's Spesutia Graveyard

Concord Point Lighthouse  Havre De Grace, Maryland

​Eastern State Penitentiary  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Battlefields (Devil's Den, Little Round Top, The Angle)  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

​Sachs Bridge  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Herr Tavern and Publick House  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

​National Cemetery  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Potapsco Female Institute Ruins   Ellicott City, Maryland

​Fort Howard  Baltimore, Maryland

Edgar Allan Poe's Original Grave  Baltimore, Maryland

The Villisca Ax Murder House   Villisca, Iowa

The Stanley Hotel  Estes Park, Colorado

The Callahan House   Longmont, Colorado (BCPRS)

The Museum of Colorado Prisons  Canon City, Colorado (R2IP)

Riverdale Road   Thornton, Colorado (R2IP)

City Star Brewery  Berthoud, Colorado (BCPRS)

The Longmont Library  Longmont, Colorado (BCPRS)

Castle,   Denver, Colorado (BCPRS)

Sandstone Ranch  Longmont, Colorado (BCPRS)

Frontier Museum  Cheyenne, Wyoming (R2IP)

The Plains Hotel  Cheyenne, Wyoming 

The Dickens Tavern and Opera House Longmont, Colorado

Historic Building in Old Town Fort Collins , Fort Collins, Colorado

Waverly Hills Sanatorium,Louisville, Kentucky  

Bobby Mackeys Music World  Wilder, Kentucky 

Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum Cripple Creek, Colorado 

30 East Drive, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (BCPRS) 

​Woodchester Mansion, Woodchester Park, United Kingdom, (BCPRS) 

​Kielder Castle, Hexham, Northumberland, United Kingdom (BCPRS)

Asylum 49, Tooele, Utah (BCPRS)

​The Historic Fairfield Inn, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (BCPRS)

Malvern Manor, Malvern, Iowa (BCPRS)

Farrar School, Farrar, Iowa (BCPRS)

The R Theatre, Auburn Illinois (BCPRS)

The Monroe House, Hartford City, Indiana (BCPRS)

Mineral Spring Hotel, Mineral Springs, Illinois (BCPRS)

First Unitarian Church, Mineral Springs, Illinois (BCPRS)

Thaddeus Stevens House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (BCPRS)

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (BCPRS)

Whispers Estate, Mitchell, Indiana (BCPRS)