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After thousands of hours of video and audio, and thousands of pictures you may only come up with a handful of really good clips to share. Here are some of our favorites we find the most interesting and unexplanable. As always, draw your own conclusions



We offer a "tech" based approach to paranormal investigations. D.S.P.'s goal is to either find a logical reason for paranormal occurrences or provide validation of these occurrences as being actual paranormal phenomena.  If clearings are needed we have contacts that can help.

Here we share our thoughts, experiences, beliefs and theories on the paranormal. These subjects range from the afterlife, paranormal investigations to UFOs, Interdimensional Beings, Legends, Lore, and Paranormal Creatures.

Perhaps you have a questions we've already touched on?  Find it here.  If it's not addressed submit it on our Contact Us page.

Paranormal Research and Investigative Team Based Along the ​Colorado Front Range

​Death State Paranormal